Twilight Polo

I trekked out to Great Meadow for a twilight polo match Saturday night with friends. It was my first polo match outside of the District (I’ve only been tempted to see the Young Benefector’s Cup, but polo is suddenly the event so I’m making exceptions.) Also, my good friend Ray Regan asked me if I would hand out the trophies.

I also got to throw in the ball, though I admit, I was terrible at it! Someone could have told me I was supposed to roll it! I threw it out like a baseball… yikes!

Most of my friends are on the First Chukkars team, and they were the big winners of the night. Joe Warren even scored the final point in the last match as the clock was running down.

If I go back, I’ll need some “stick and ball” – polo speak for personal practice time 🙂