Travel and Hindu Temples

If I were to tell you that the largest Hindu temple outside of India is located within the United States in Lilburn, Georgia, I’m sure you wouldn’t believe me. I didn’t believe it either until I saw it for myself!
Built of Turkish Limra limestone, Italian Carrara marble and Indian sandstone, this 227′ (length), 123’2″ (width), 73″ (heigh from ground) structure was built on site in Lilburn with almost all volunteer manpower. Incredible!

Equally as incredible are the intricate carvings… and the large number of people, of all faiths, who visit each day. I went on Christmas day with my best friend Lillian (who refused to be pictured) and my brother. The most fun fact: each of the religious statues is dressed, undressed, and re-dressed for “bed” each day – like a living being. So interesting!