Travel & Adventure Show Gets Going at Convention Center This Wknd

“Whether you are going to Africa or Zimbabwe or New Zealand — or just going to Maine — you’ll find it here, but you’ll find it in a way that’s more authentic,” John Golicz, CEO of UniComm (which produces the Travel and Adventure Show) told KSM just moments before the two day travel extravaganza opened for DC wanderlusters at the Convention Center Saturday morning.

The two day tour features appearances by Travel Channel hosts, hands-on vacation experiences, music and food from the far ends of the earth… and exhibitors from fascinating countries that IMG_9128should be are now on your must see list.

“That’s what separates these shows from any other media.  I’ve never met anyone that saw anything bad on the internet about the destination they are going to, or every hotel looks beautiful until you get there.  But here, you are finding someone who actually lives there and will tell you where the offbeaten stuff is that you really want to see.”

“One of the things we always hear from attendees that they love about this event are the experts around the world that come in for this event to man these booths… the real value is [them] telling you about their local destinations and how you can travel like a local.  That’s really what the attendees are all about.  They are travel enthusiasts, they’re not just tourists.”

Golicz admits that he’s profited from the natives’ expertise as well, planning vacations with his wife that he otherwise wouldn’t have imagined on IMG_9131his own.

Among the excitement at this year’s 10th Annual Travel and Adventure Show are a zoo of animals direct from Sea World (the parrot’s name is Tory and she’ll tell you so!), a cooking demonstration (and tasting) from Busch Gardens‘ new Food & Wine Festival, a rock climbing wall, a scuba center, and country concierges (and travel deals!) from Anguilla to Zambia.

So how do you do it?

With only one day left in DC, you’ll need a plan of attack!  According to the CEO, “Check the Show Guide for the speakers and sessions you want to take in, then look at the show directory and plan around that.”  Make sure to visit booths around your interests, but don’t rule out the unexpected.  It’s not just about travel… it’s also an adventure!

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