Tom Yum Brings Fast Casual Thai to Arlington

Chef Aulie Bunyaratapan and her husband Mel Oursinsiri (below, right), co-owners of Bangkok Joe’s and Thai Shirlington, expanded their culinary portfolio in the Beltway with the introduction of Tom Yum District in Rosslyn Wednesday night.

At the Grand Opening party, guests enjoyed the classic Thai flavors of sweet, salt, bitter, and spice in Aulie’s own Tom Yum sauce. Inspired by a classic and traditional Thai dish, Tom Yum sauce was not only drizzled atop Pad Thai and fried rice, but also doused over roasted peanuts at the guests’ DSCN0736request, as they milled around the floor, tasting samples of fresh Jasmine rice or pickled cucumbers and enjoying a taste of Chang beer.

At this fast casual restaurant, guests choose from 4 bases, 4 grilled proteins, 5 sauces, and 10 toppings designed to be mixed and matched to create countless menu combinations.

The authenticity of Aulie’s cuisine is complemented with a modern interior design. The restaurant is blanketed with dark ceilings and lit dimly with industrial lighting. Long, wooden tables facilitate conversation with neighbors, and the wallpaper, saturated with photographs from Bangkok, honors the bustling city of which Aulie and her husband are so fond.

*Tom Yum is located at 1515 Wilson Blvd. in Arlington

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