Three Places We’re Going for National Tequila Day

Casamigos Flight at MXDC Cocina Mexica. Image provided courtesy.

Tequila was consumed in Mexico before Europeans even got there — and we’ve loved it just as long (ok, exaggeration, but YES).  Made from the blue agave plant, and named for the small town of Tequila west of Guadalajara in Jaliso, Mexico, tequila has a long and storied history.

The myth and legend of North America’s oldest distilled spirit are part of what makes it so enticing.  But it’s equally interesting because each variety tastes so unique alone — or mixed into a variety of classic tequila cocktails. You can go a dozen places in DC and get a memorable margarita to celebrate National Tequila Day on July 24, 2019, but here are the three places we especially love:

  • Make your own margarita masterpiece at El Centro in Georgetown using the venue’s Build Your Own Margarita Menu.
  • Mission’s Navy Yard is where the National Tequila Day party is popping! This location is offering $5 tequila shots, $6 casamigos blanco shots, and $7 margaritas ($25 pitchers) and food specials from 5pm to close.
  • And if you just can’t fit in all the tequila temptations in one day, remember that you can indulge in flights of tequila and taco pairings all month long at Todd English’s MXDC Cocina Mexicana.

Sip well (maybe with little salt and lime) — and mix up those Margaritas, Palomas or Mamasitas to celebrate the day!

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