Three Day Rule Launches in the District



Matchmaker Callie Harris is willing to go on all of your bad first dates.  But she’s pretty confident there shouldn’t be any.  That’s because, as a matchmaker for Three Day Rule, an LA based matchmaking service (backed by Match) that launched in the District earlier this month, Harris and her colleagues are responsible for connecting applicants through a thorough process of hand-selection, vetting, and then personally meeting every potential match before making any formal introductions.

Introduced to DC just before one of the year’s most romantic — or most depressing — days, Valentine’s Day, Three Day Rule’s “white-glove, highly customized approach to dating” may be just what the doctor ordered for your love life.

“We’re thrilled to be launching into DC, a city known for its large population of accomplished, busy professionals that are single and looking for love,” said Talia Goldstein, CEO and founder of Three Day Rule, on hand for DC’s debut date. “There is a huge opportunity for Three Day Rule to help singles in the District who feel overwhelmed by the traditional methods of dating or are looking for an easier way to date. Outsourcing your love life to our professional matchmakers provides you with a sense of relief and helps remove many of the pain points of dating.”

Traditional techniques — like personality assessments and in-person vetting — are combined with more modern methods, like cutting-edge facial recognition technology, to help Three Day Rule matchmakers choose best matches after hand-selecting, personally screening, and meeting every potential in the database.

A six month package includes six to 12 vetted introductions, ongoing feedback after every date, date coaching, professional photography, a styling session, and free access to exclusive ThreeDay Rule events, but three month and multi-city packages are also available.  And then there’s the free membership option, which has actually helped 95% of Three Day Rule’s clients to be matched with other free members.
That old three day rule (where you waited to call…) is obsolete.  So try this one — for an almost guaranteed ‘pretty good’ first date — and an easy first step to improving your dating life.

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