Theatre Company Holds Rare Sale of Famous Costumes

Exciting news if you’re already in the market for Halloween attire, are building a community theatre costume closet… or just really want to dress up like Julius Caesar.

The Shakespeare Theatre Company announced a sale to the general public of many iconic costume pieces, coming up on Saturday, September 29, from 10 AM –3 PM.  This STC Costume Sale, a rare event (the last one happened in 2009), will include garments from recent STC productions, like the Fairy Queen costume worn by Dol Common in STC’s 2009 production of The Alchemist, the Three Goddesses’ costumes from The Tempest in 2005, the Pork Heiress costumes from last season’s The Heir Apparent and togas from Julius Caesar in 2008.  Also for sale — a must-have for any Designing Woman — the red ball gown worn by acclaimed actress Dixie Carter in her final production at STC, Lady Windermere’s Fan, in 2005.

“Most of the costumes are one of a kind specialty pieces that had a prominent moment on stage with a specific character,” explained STC Costume Director Stark Prey said. “They are too unique to be used onstage again, so we will be able to sell them to the public for their enjoyment and support of the Shakespeare Theatre Company.”

In addition to those mentioned, the costume shop will have other unique items available, as well as an array of bodices, doublets, armor and other smaller pieces. Along with costumes, STC will be selling a variety of stage props to include an array of chairs and many fur-covered beanbag chairs. Prices will range from $1 to more than $200.

Sale is open to the public, Saturday, September 29, 2012, from 10 AM –3 PM in STC’s Rehearsal Studios (507 8th Street SE).

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