The Racing Presidents!

My great friend, Carole Tremonti, is not in town from Boston that often, but the Nats may have to fly her in for games, because she’s the best luck I’ve ever seen! Not only did we win the game last night, we TRAMPLED the Mets.

I’m sure I had more fun at this game than any other this year (yes, even the game I threw out the 1st pitch), because we got to meet the racing Presidents! I have a little crush on Teddy. I know, I’m always attracted to the nerdy ones… but there is just something about that smile! And when I told him that I had faith in him, and he was going to win a race before the Nats’ last game at RFK, he gave me the biggest hug. (And then he fell and tripped Jefferson and Lincoln, allowing Washington to run away with yet another win…)

6 games left for the Nats at RFK. Run, Teddy, Run!