The Pig Reopens As Comfort Food and BBQ Joint

Photo credit: Jill Collins PR

The Pig in Logan Circle was DC’s “nose to tail” restaurant serving all parts of the pig. But after several months of a COVID break, the high-end place for belly and chops has decided instead to make its bacon as a more affordably priced BBQ joint.

 “Recognizing a need in the market for affordable, great BBQ, we decided to jump in with both feet,” said EatWellDC principal David Winer.

The Pig’s Chef Bahramy spent the last few months creating recipes for The Pig’s new menu, like Texas-style BBQ brisket;  Cherrywood smoked baby back pork ribs with a thick Kansas City-style Habanero peach BBQ sauce;  a 12-hour smoked pulled pork shoulder with North Carolina-style vinegar BBQ Sauce and smoked, hickory rubbed chicken. Hungry yet?

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