The Hattery

Someone I know wants a hat – a very particular hat. And [they] have mentioned it three times, so I know it’s serious. And it’s Christmastime. And I need to buy them a gift. Viola! You know where this is going.

So… where in D.C. does one go to buy the hat? There is only one place. The Hattery.
I met Anthony Gaskins, Owner and Milliner-extraordinaire tonight at The Hattery in the Georgetown Park Shops. After trying nearly every fabulous hat in the place on my own head, I remembered that I wasn’t there shopping for me, sadly. So I left not with the cutest 20’s cloche or the 60’s Audrey Hepburn widebrim, but definitely with exactly what my friend wanted. And it is PERFECT.
But I’m going back, and so should you. It’s cold. Keep your head warm – and tell Anthony I sent you!