The Goods on Daikaya… and Daikaya Do-Gooding

Here’s another reason to pop into Daikaya, the popular izakaya behind the Verizon Center, that offers rice bowls and traditional Japanese favorites: Daikaya does good!   IMG_2534

Upstairs, above its sister ramen rendezvous, Daikaya not only has yummy helpings of cultural comfort food — it’s extending a helping hand.

We’ve tried (literally) everything on the menu, and we suggest you order the Sisig.

The Sisig Donburi

Sisig is a Filipino inspired dish on the menu at Daikaya with two different preparations.  At brunch it is a Sisig (Filipino braised pork hask with citrus-yuzu and egg). For lunch, order the Sisig Donburi (a twist on Filipino sizzling pork and onsen — egg served over Japanese white rice). 

*Daikaya is located at 705 6th Street NW

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