The Balvenie and Billy Reid Toast to the ‘Art of Making’

The Balvenie invited DC tastemakers to an exclusive celebration of Craftsmanship and the Art of Making presented by the brand and Billy Reid last week (9/26/19).  Guests took part in a special evening “at the intersection of where fashion meets whisky,” which highlighted premium single malt scotch whisky paired with delectable passed bites by Reverie.

In a toast to the event, Billy Reid Georgetown’s manager said, “When you think abut the craft that goes into all of the beautiful garments that are around us, there are infinite parallels that tie our process together to the process that The Balevenie uses to create their amazing product.  Just as our design team puts so much effort into sourcing the fabrics and textiles to create the garments that we can The Balvenie makes sure that every part of their process is done by humans with true craftsmanship.”

In addition to scotch tastings, guests enjoyed Balvenie “Billy Scotch Sodas” and twists on the traditional “Manhattan” while shopping for new Fall fashions.

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