Technology is a Trippi

According to Summit Chairman Joe Trippi, last week’s AMP Summit was “a discussion about the powerful ability of technology to engage and empower people and listen to what they [have] to say.”  And it was also about getting off line and meeting in person.

Melding Activism, Media and Politics, the summit – which took place September 23 -25th at the Marriott Metro Center – gathered individuals from multiple spheres of influence to connect away from a computer, although the use of social media was one of the summit’s most prevalent themes. 

“The time to talk about the potential of technology has passed and the revolution is already underway,” said Trippi, who signed copies of his book “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” after his keynote speech. 

Trippi, Howard Dean’s 2004 presidential campaign manager, used the internet to change politics as we know it.  So what’s his favorite social media tool?  Watch this video!

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