Teardrops & Indigestion

Among the things that upset us today:

1) Nickel and Diming We spent ten cents extra today (they had to double bag!) since we forgot our reusables at the grocery, and we’re already thinking of the ten cents extra we will be spending on our Metro fare come March 1st when that dime increase is put into effect.

2) Go Mama’s Go-ing Away This 14th Street staple for great gifts is forced to close, even as new merchandise continues to arrive. Shed a tear for its final day on March 31st, but until then, get your smiles in as you save 20% (or deeper discounts) on everything in store.

3) Donnie’s Done Today marked Donnie Simpson’s final signoff after 32 years on the Washington airwaves. A fallout with WPGC-FM caused the morning show personality to pull the plug on his contract early – and end his show late!

The normal four hour show had an extra two hour spillover of phone call farewells, including Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson, Wyclef Jean and others from the ‘way back machine’ of Donnie’s decades on the radio and as host of BET’s “Video Soul.”

He played his usual “Jesus is Love” track from Lionel Richie and said, “I feel loved,” in closing. Then he treated fans to half smokes at Ben’s Chili Bowl in celebration of whatever lies ahead.

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