Team Spirit

I’ve just learned about an inspiring program of the Greater Washington Sports Alliance and am thrilled to be able to support it so strongly.

Have you ever wondered about potential Olympians from the area? How does the city help them? How can we find out about them and provide our own encouragement… and perhaps funding to assist them in their efforts?

We have TEAM SPIRIT – a Sports Alliance program that helps these athletes to bring their connections and the resources of the city together. The newest member of Team Spirit, Kristen Allan. I’ve never met a female Judoka… and especially not one so powerful and beautiful at the same time!

We got together last week with outstanding photographer, Jaime Windon, to take some shots for GWSA publicity pieces. I’m so impressed with her confidence, her humor, her power, and of course – her natural beauty!

I’m so thrilled to help her go for Olympic Gold!!