The last night of preliminary competition, and it was the Mu group’s turn for talent. I performed a character jazz dance to the Peggy Lee version of “Fever” in a red costume inspired by the costume on Dacing With the Stars two seasons ago.
Although it did not win the preliminary talent award, I felt the dance was strong, and I enjoyed performing for the judges and a packed audience!
It’s always great to see some family and friends at the end of the night and get ready for a new day and new possibilities. Stay tuned…

One thought on “Talent

  1. Kate,

    I just wanted to say congratulations on representing the District of Columbia in the Miss America Pageant. No, you didn’t win, but you were definitely #1 in a lot of people’s hearts!

    Also, great job on this blog… I wish I had found it sooner. There’s a lot of nice stuff here! I also really enjoyed your interview on the CMT page.

    Take care & Good luck in all of your future endeavors!


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