Inside the Innovation: Cosmo Couture!

Cosmo Couture, the “fashionable” event for Architecture and Interior Design firms and their manufacturing partners, took Raymond Saunders’ Red Star to the runway last Thursday night, creating garments to reflect the painting as a given theme. Event Co-Chairs Pedro Nunez and Stacey Milici, welcomed 21 participating… Read More

[Party Pics] Soiree Suisse

Ambassador of Switzerland Manuel Sager and Mrs. Christine Sager held the 11th annual Soiree Suisse at the Swiss Residential compound Wednesday night, inviting several hundred guests to Discover Switzerland, including traditional games, food, libations, and entertainment. A Nespresso coffee lounge, Kubler absinthe lounge and Davidoff… Read More

An Exclusive Entrepreneurs Club?!

Networking events headlined by entrepreneurs are commonplace in the Capital City.  But giving business owners and innovators the chance to chill amongst each other is a rarer type of reception. Gathering at L2 Lounge in Georgetown Wednesday night to encourage an imbibing idea exchange — or just… Read More