FALLing at The Federalist

Fall’s oversized sweaters and comfy leggings are part of a culinary conspiracy.  You see, going into hibernation just isn’t going to happen when there’s so much to do — and eat.  But when food like the Federalist‘s autumn menu starts rolling in, you’re going to… Read More

Strathmore Goes Skin Deep

Got an obsession with skin?  Turns out Strathmore shares your delight in the dermis with its upcoming exhibit, Skin, where the Mansion explores the art of body modification — from tattoos to temporary changes, like makeup, henna, or even bodypaint. With Skin, Strathmore showcases artists’ “body of work,”… Read More

Inside the 19th Annual Leukemia Cup Regatta

Held last weekend at the Washington Sailing Marina in Alexandria, VA, the 19th Annual Leukemia Cup Regatta raced in honor of Honorary Skipper – Col. Michael Stapleton, a blood cancer survivor initially diagnosed in 2006 and currently undergoing treatment for an unfortunate relapse. Viewed from the marina, or from three spectator… Read More

[Vid] #!&% Cartoons

You’ve seen his signature and laughed at his jokes… but have you ever met a Political Cartoonist? Matt Wuerker, 2012 Pulitzer Prize winner and President-Elect of the Association of Editorial Cartoonists previews this weekend’s upcoming #!&% Cartoon Festival, attended by so many of your favorite funny(wo)men… Read More