SweetGreen Introduces New Cold Pressed Juice Line, SweetPress

Because juicing is the new black…

Whether cleansing or craving, DCers impressed by the healthy/hot new juicing trend are hitting up SweetGreen for its new 100% organize cold-pressed juice line, SweetPress.

With a new full juice box of six flavors, SweetPress promises “raw liquid perfection” in the form of non-pasteurized pressed raw juice drinks, each $6.  The proprietary process uses tons of pressure to make a diamond  make an ideal drink by extracting juice from those essential fruits and vegetables you’re jonesing.

SweetPress — now available — can be enjoyed as a light meal replacement or liquid snack attack in (carrot-heavy) Energize, (apple and spinach strong) Purify, (pineapple) Detox, Seasonal (watermelon), (refreshing cucumber) Hydrate, and (bold beet flavored) Satisfy.

The bottles appear on the smaller side, yet satiate.

According to SweetGreen, the method preserves several times more live vitamins, minerals and enzymes than any other, yet SweetPress’s strongest selling point may be the ability to taste each and every ingredient.

Sweet… Green, Flow, and now juice to go.

*SweetGreen provided the writer a full sized sample of each juice for the purposes of this post.

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