Stocking Up on Success with Danielle Nicole Handbags

IMG_3683Danielle Nicole handbag designer and Creative Director Danielle DiFerdinando brought her classic and contemporary designs — made of vegan products — to CUSP Georgetown last week, just in time to fill stockings for the holidays… and closets for 2015.

the author with Danielle DiFerdinando

“I am so glad to be here at CUSP; they were one of my first customers, and I feel like I am coming home,” said DiFerdinando — a local girl who actually was coming home, as she partnered with Dress for Success to help promote the economic independence of disadvantaged women by providing professional attire. For each bag that was purchased, another was donated to the organization.

Cameras flashed as women shopped and ate mini-cupcakes. Mother/daughter dups would meet in the middle of the store… holding the same bag!!.. and laughingly walk right to the checkout.  Because who doesn’t support a shopping soiree that empowers women and joins the generations?

*Photos by Leigh Genetti



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