Station Kitchen & Cocktails: A Craft and Culinary Experimental Experience


With all the restaurants that Washingtonians can go to, it is very easy to think that everything under the sun has been done.  The truth is, not quite.

Station Kitchen & Cocktails, located inside the Embassy Row Hotel in Dupont Circle, is new to the DC area… and plans to turn heads with its small 20150507_192431_6_bestshotplate offerings and creative cocktail menu.

The goal: Get people talking while they’re eating out.  And sharing small plates sure helps to start a conversation.

Going to the restaurant can be surprising.  A coffee bar and a cocktail bar stand next to each other — each equally as busy.  But these juxtapositions are part of the restaurant’s unique experiment.  At the bar, bartenders create sips using unusual ingredients, like burning a Meyer lemon into a charcoal state with egg white, and Jamaican hibiscus. And to appease the appetite, director of restaurants Robert Yealu offers up fresh takes on his own favorites, like turning a popular sandwich into a small plate meatball ‘Wellington.’

“The things you get here, you can’t get anywhere else,” boasts Yealu.  He tempts with a menu of small plates that canvases the globe, including South Korea, Mexico, and France. But though it’s flair is international, its focus isn’t on sauces or specialty ingredients, but rather  on making the protein (steak tacos, shrimp au beurre) shine.

And it’s when you decide you need a sweet finish that your adventure truly begins.  No desserts are listed on a menu here.  But just let your waiter know you’re in the mood and see what concoctions they come up with!

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