Spinach Pop-Up…Sales Strong as Popeye?

Now you see it… now you don’t! Unless you were lucky enough to literally pop in, you would probably miss a pop up shop, but these temporary treats are becoming the latest generational trend.

Saturday afternoon, Georgetown’s Proper Topper advertised a two day scoop sale, put on by FashionIsSpinach.com writer and vintage fashion hound Betsey Lowther (at left with blogger of RighteousRestyle.com). If you didn’t pop in to scout it out, you missed the merchandise.

Temporary storefronts, or sometimes shops-within-shops, are meant to appear only to disappear. And Lowther’s threads disppeared within hours.

Her reason to pop-up was a need to clear her closets for new vintage finds, but she agrees that at least the idea of pop-ups may be permanent.

“[Pop-ups] have new, exciting things that shoppers otherwise might not have a chance to buy,” she said. They literally pop up to generate buzz for fledgling companies, increase sales for established brands, or provide a low cost means of inventory and market research.

Considering the amount of vacant store space in DC, Pop Ups popping up could be a possibility.

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