Speaker Pelosi Attends Nat Geo Event for Women Pushing Boundaries

Attorney Gloria Allred examines her portrait

On Wednesday (10/23/19), National Geographic hosted a private event to launch a photography exhibition, book, documentary and a special November issue of National Geographic, all in celebration of women who fearlessly push boundaries.

Former National Geographic photographer Jodi Cobb, left, with former National Geographic Director of Photography Sarah Leen

The event featured Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, journalist Michele Norris, photographer Erika Larsen and marine biologist Asha de Vos, in conversation with Susan Goldberg, editor in chief of National Geographic. 

“To be at National Geographic is a real thrill for me. Thank you for bringing the world into people’s homes,” Speaker Pelosi said at the Women of Impact event.  “When women succeed, America succeeds… The beauty is in the mix and it’s important women not only have a seat at the table, but a seat at the head of the table.”

In addition to the Speaker, other notable attendees included: Paul Pelosi, Nancy Corinne Pelosi, Alexandra Pelosi, Jacqueline Pelosi Kenneally, Christine Pelosi, Jean and Steve Case, Kevin Maroni, Gary Knell, Kim Larsen, Mike Ulica, Gloria Allred, Ellen Blackler, Marcia Bullard, Marcia Carlucci, Jodi Cobb, Congresswoman Debbie Dingell, Nancy Duber, Linda Feldmann, Susan Fox, Lynn Johnson, Winton Holladay, Mary Jordan, Sven Lindblad, Jennifer W. Lopez, Anita McBride, Jessica Moore, Susan Fisher Sterling, Amy Toensing, Amy Weiss, Barbara Rehm, Alice Keating, Sarah Leen, Kathryn Keane, Lisa Thomas, Kalee Kreider, David Miller, Evelyn Miller, Courtney Rowe and Tara Bunch.

*Images provided courtesy National Geographic