Sourpuss City – Here’s Why!!

Take one look around and it’s easy to see that DC is not a “Southern City.” Passersby do not call out in greeting, common courtesies are very often ignored, and practically NO ONE smiles!

I am apparently a Southerner (and someone who believes Southerners are always more beautiful because they are both pleasant and have pleasant expressions), and I smile too much for DC. I thought I was making the city a better place – but I’ve realized why everyone, especially the women in this city, are so SOUR, and men, take note! It’s mostly because of YOU!

A simple smile in passing is an acknowledgement of humanity, not an open invitation! Women have adapted to maintain passive expressions (or rudeness) so as not to have to ward off unwelcome advances, lengthy conversations, and creepy staring.

DC could be a Smily City instead of a Sourpuss one. Say “Hello” in passing. Stop staring! And take that smile or nod for the simple act it is meant to be.