Soupergirl Zucchini Soup

Let’s talk Soup.

It’s the season:  The sniffles.  The drizzles.  The times it’s harder to get out of bed with every progressive day that ends in ‘y’…  Those old wives were wise about the chicken noodle, but as it turns out, other soups can also save the day!

Enter Soupergirl : DC’s first local soup shop – now with delivery service.   

“Soup is the ultimate comfort food anytime of year,” says Soupergirl founder Sara Polon.  “What better way to show you care!”   

When your friend has a cold, send a soup care package!  Or, be the hero of a holiday feast.   When life gets hectic, order up some homemade comfort craves…. Because we all know a case of the blues could use a bisque just as well as a bouquet.

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