Social and Scandalous in the City

The scandal hungry and the social flocked to Hostess-in-Chief Juleanna Glover’s Kalorama home Thursday evening to meet bestselling British author Frances Osbourne and find out more about The Bolter, the tale of her “wicked great grandmother.”

Though she came from one of England’s oldest families, Osbourne’s ancester, Idina Sackville, didn’t prefer to be proper.

She left her first husband – one of Britain’s richest and most eligible young men – to run off to Africa with a penniless lover.  Five husbands and countless debaucherous circumstances later, she had lived the life that jumps off the pages of fiction… but makes for an even more remarkable factual read!

*The Bolter is available on Amazon and local booksellers.
(Osbourne signs a copy of her book for a friend in attendance.  Photo credit: Jeff Tong @gundamwing4132)

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