So You Think You Can Bike Faster Than Hotel Monaco’s GM?!

Sure, a lot of boutique hotels offer bikes for your use as your roam around town.  But how many amenity loan programs come with their own GM tour guide?!

Each Kimpton hotel has complimentary custom PUBLIC bikes for guest use to explore DC’s charm, but Kimpton’s Hotel Monaco wants you to ride — and race! — its General Manager!  Monaco’s “Bike with the GM” program, developed by hotel GM Ed Virtue (himself an avid biker who rides over 30 miles to work by bike) makes your two wheeled trek around the Capital City even more terrific.

Check it out!

  • Ed’s top rides under 25 miles”: Take advantage of a Garmin Edge 800 touch screen GPS loaded with Virtue’s top biking excursions in the DC/VA region.
  • Race the GM”: Bikers with a competitive spirit can opt to “Race the GM” where the GPS allows you to race against Virtue’s best times for each ride. Those who beat him can choose a small reward from the front desk, ranging from protein bars and goodies to a Camelbak water bottle etc.
  • Bike with the GM” Wednesdays:  Virtue invites guests to take a spin with him on Wednesdays, from 4:30pm – 5:30pm. Rides include a scenic tour of Washington’s monuments and historic sites or rides along the Potomac River or through Rock Creek Park.

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