Sir Richard Branson, Guest of Honor at the British Ambassador’s Residence

It’s only after the CEO of Raytheon, International hands me his card and asks if I can send him the pic I just snapped of him and Richard Branson that I start to think… maybe I should have snapped my own #selfie with the Space Crusader!

Paul Stimers (K&L Gates LLP), Mike Korens (Consultant for Virgin Management) Rosalind Campion (British Embassy) and Patrick Davies (British Embassy)

Thursday evening at the residence of the British Ambassador, Mr. Patrick Davies, Deputy Head of Mission, invited some virgin (and some not so virgin) embassy attendees to shake hands, pose for pictures, nosh on fish n’ chips and soak in some brief words of wisdom at a reception to mark the visit of Sir Richard Branson.

AC Charania (Virgin Galactic) with Tom Weirich (Amer. Council on Renewable Energy)

While Davies focused on Euro-US trade and Branson’s particular brand of British entrepreneurship, Sir Richard pushed beyond the accolades for his Virgin Atlantic airline (now celebrating its 30th year!) to talk about some other trendy transportation he’s selling.

“Space” is the most exciting frontier for the the Founder of Virgin Group — its Virgin Galactic is set to launch this year.  Branson calls the project literally “Earth-shattering” and “worth the wait” and claims he’ll be just one of some 700 or 800 shooting up into the stars in 2014.