Sexy Singles?

Lest one start to think that the life of an almost former Miss District of Columbia starts to dull with time, let me take through last Thursday night’s festivities.

Remembering that I am a graduate student, I did have to attend class (which my parents will be happy to hear!) and then rushed home to quickly change and dart through the rainy streets of Georgetown to the Four Seasons to meet Dina Davalle, Anna Kimsey, and Kat Minor.

In the summer, the Four Seasons puts on a weekly Thursday party to showcase area businesses and shops. It’s always a collection of who’s who about town, and a great place to meet to start off a fun evening out.

The party of the night was the Christiania Vodka/Capitol File Little Black Book party held at the 1010 Massachusetts rooftop. Sold to some as an opportunity to consider purchasing condos in the building and others as a sexy singles in the city party, the guest list was quite a melange. Capitol File featured a number of my friends in the Little Black Book issue, and tickets to the event were rare – I know several who claim they will not pick up next month’s issue because they failed to score an invite! – I’m surprised that almost everyone new that I met was a real estate agent!!! However, I did see one of my absolutely favorite photogs… and I can’t wait to see if our picture makes the next issue. Pamela Sorensen, new Account Manager for Christiania was with us, Justin Wine, Nicole Barner, and David Sutphen, to name but a few.

While the night continued to chill and the bartenders started to run out of glasses, the gals and I headed on to another Thursday staple, Milano. Sadly, the scene was a bit stale (very unusual for a Thursday) probably because Congress was in a late night session to try to resolve immigration – resolving world peace seems easier – and couldn’t get out to the “Power M” to shmooze.

So… we sauntered over to Blue Gin, where the Resort themed party that Jamie Hess planned actually turned into an informal after party for the Little Black Book shindig. I did see Jay Varma, Andrea Van Dell, and Carl Becker. The night, and the group, come full circle once again!