Serenata an A+ Cocktail, Culinary Jaunt Through Latin America

Cocktails at Serenata

La Cosecha is Union Market’s contemporary marketplace celebrating all things Latin. It’s like a community center meets food hall meets contemporary retail space.

When you head to La Cosecha, you never quite know what you’ll happen upon — a concert, art, a fashion show, a salsa class?! But you always know you’ll find delicious food and drink, like at Serenata, the beating heart of the marketplace, where Daniella Senior (Bresca) and Juan Coronado (José Andrés’ “Cocktail Innovator”) have smashed up for a slam dunk with daytime juices and evening plates and pours.

Confit de Pato Empanadas

There’s so much to explore at this 20-seat bar in the middle of the Central American action. If you’re lucky, you’ll meet AJ (Beverage Director Andra Johnson) whose recommendations are a daily delight.

Under AJ’s direction, it’s easy for a drink or two to turn into a full flight of cocktails… especially since Serenata literally has a cocktail map to guide your tour. On the way, you’ll learn a thing or two about Latin America — and likely taste a spirit — you’ve never known before. Not imbibing in alcohol? Not an issue. The creativity and quality of Serenata’s mocktails are equally intriguing.


And the eats are just as educational.  Among the small plates with generous portions, you’ll find a variety of traditional dishes, all representing their country of origin… with Serenata flair.

We could have tasted it all — and likely will be back to do just that — but especially loved attempting a journey of flavors all from different Latin nations, and with sharply different flavor profiles.

Tostada Azteca

Of course, the Argentinian-style Confit de Pato Empanadas, made with duck and butternut squash, are both tempting and satisfying. But to get a little more out of your comfort zone, try Choripan (Uruguay), a savory jumble of chorizo, avocado, chimichurri and cilantro aioli that sits atop a thin wedge of sourdough.  And then there’s our favorite, the Tostada Azteca (Mexico), a bright, yet spicy, mix of flavors poured onto a crisp corn tostada; This one dances around the tongue and begs for an encore!

Serenata earns an A+ for its food and fun.  Because where else can you nosh on a bowl of easy shareable (and oh-so-snackable with cocktails!) Truffle Pan de Bono (Colombia) while you giggle over the group learning to bachata behind you?