Seasonal Cocktails — and a Surprise! — at Elisir

To get friends in the spirit, Elisir Chef Owner Enzo Fargioni (and publicist Janet Donovan) invited some of DC’s out-and-about to sample the restaurant’s new mixologist’s seasonal cocktails.

Sips connoisseurs like Foodie & the Beast’s Nycci Nellis, author Nevin Martell, and area catering director Daniel Mahdavian enjoyed drinks like the sambuca-laden Crushed Velvet (Chef’s favorite!) and the Babe, Pig in the City, a chocolate bacon infused bourbon beverage, while sharing their upcoming holiday plans.

And as they talked and tasted, something other than inebriation snuck up on the gathering.  Or rather, someone did. 

Actor Lawrence Fishburne passed by the bar on his way to sup in Elisir’s main dining room.


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