Screen Everything from the 34th Annual FilmFest DC At Your Own Home

Image from Ordinary Happiness. Courtesy FilmFestDC

Think of it as a week+ of private film screenings in your own home.

DC’s longest-running film festival, Filmfest DC, is conducting its 34th year completely online. But while the place where you watch the films may be different, this year’s festival still offers all the touchstones of the typical Filmfest DC — international films across multiple genres, recorded interviews with filmmakers, and even a place to hang out and share opinions after viewing.

Image from Master Cheng. Courtesy FilmFest DC

This year’s FilmFest DC kicks off on October 2 and runs through October 11, featuring over 50 films shown in two series, and including a program of short films.

The Opening Film for the festival, on October 2nd, is a screening of Ordinary Happiness, an Italian comedy about a man hit by a car and catapulted into a crowded afterlife. But wait! An administrative error grants him some extra minutes of life. Sound interesting?

For its second series-opening, on October 7th, home audiences will experience the American premiere of Master Cheng, from Finland.

And just as usual, Filmfest DC caps off its ten days with a French film — so the 2020 Fest concludes on October 11th with Perfumes about a diva celebrity perfume maker who is having trouble with her sense of smell.

Image from Perfumes. Courtesy FilmFest DC

Check out the schedules to see all there is to watch in between.

“While we would prefer to be together in a movie theater for this year’s festival, going digital does have some obvious advantages,” says Filmfest DC Executive Director, Tony Gittens. “This year audiences don’t have to plan which films to see around their busy lives, as they can watch any film they choose at their leisure from the comfort of their own home.”

 Tickets per film will run $9.

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