Salamander’s Bees Are Buzzing

honey-beeThere’s a lot of buzz about Salamander Resort & Spa

The resort recently formed a partnership with local beekeeper Britt Thomas, owner of Britt’s Bees, to develop an exclusive Salamander Honeybee Program.  Thomas brought in 20 hives — and a total of more than one million bees!! — to help Salamander to start producing its own honey… if all goes well, just in time for the end of the summer season!

“We are thrilled to have this program in place at Salamander and are excited to see it mature… Although a small start, we are proud to make a positive impact in favor of honeybees and to continue to produce seasonal ingredients,” said Chef de Cuisine Chris Edwards of the Program, which complements the resort’s nature commitments and efforts to source food, wine, and other products from as many local sources as possible.

Salamander’s honeybees will also benefit the resort’s culinary garden where many of the vegetables and herbs featured on its restaurant menus are sourced. By the fall season, Salamander expects the bees to provide enough honey to meet all the restaurant demands and allow for its guests to take home a unique memento from their stay.

The resort will also launch a Honey Dinner Series where guests can experience a multi-course dinner with drink pairings focused on honey along with demonstrations by Thomas and Salamander’s culinary team.


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