A Rooftop Grand Opening For the Insignia on M

PoolYou might imagine the mood to be tense around the Navy Yard, near Nationals Park and the location of the Congressional Baseball Game on Thursday night, but it was actually quite jovial and full of excitement.

Why?  Around the same time that the ball game took place, nearby apartment building Insignia on M had its rooftop grand opening.

It was a great opportunity for residents and guests to enjoy the wonderful weather and chill. People lounged on comfortable outdoor furniture, enjoyed food from Due South, and listened to soothing Crowd Shotmusic.

A spokesperson for Insignia on M said that residents love the location of Insignia on M because of its proximity to the Anacostia River and the Capitol building. Besides offering a fun party and scenic views, the event also provided guests with a look at what the neighborhood has to offer, especially when it comes to building a Crowd Shot_2sense of community.

Proceeds from the event did benefit a charity, the Washington Project for the Arts, which supports the work of contemporary artists. Given that goal, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that visual art was a part of the festivities!

Artist Kasey O’Boyle was on hand live painting a piece that accompanied the water theme of the party and Caralena (Cara) Peterson, who is a printmaker and collage maker, invited anyone and everyone to cut pieces from magazine pages and glue them onto the art piece she was working on.

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