Roofer’s Union Now Open, Serving Sausage (and More) in AdMo

From The Reef to the Roof… this spot in Adams Morgan has undergone a total transformation!IMG_9070

Roofers Union (2446 18th St NW; 202-232-7663) opened Monday night in the heart of Adams Morgan, showcasing an all new bright interior and the comfort food specialities of Executive Chef Marjorie Meek-Bradley (also of Ripple) in a delicious debut.  Attendees sprawled over the loft-like two-story (plus rooftop opening in March!) restaurant, particularly enjoying the floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking lively 18th Street, IMG_9061as they clamored over andouille corndogs with cheddar whiz and hand stuffed sausages on house made pretzel rolls.

“I built the menu so that people can order a couple of things, maybe try one or two sausages and some different snacks,” Meek-Bradley explained. “It’s how my friends and I like to eat when we go out.”

In addition to comfort eats, there are cocktails that take you back… named for songs from Cocktail IMG_9065Master Josh Fatemi‘s favorite songs.  There’s David Bowie’s “China Girl,” The Radiohead inspired “Punch up at a Wedding,” and an “I’m Old Fashioned” named for John Coltrane — a combination of the old fashioned and the sazerac.

While the owner’s admitted that, for Roofer’s Union, everything started with sausages, the setting is a good start for a refreshed upscale casual Adam’s Morgan as well.


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