Ringling Bros & Barnum & Bailey Are “Built to Amaze” at Verizon Center

Liliana Baldassari and her sons play with building blocks at the VIP pre-circus party

DC’s young and young at heart stormed the Verizon Center with screwdrivers, drills and hammers Thursday night (not really — they got them there!) to build the best circus they’ve seen… Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey’s new “Built to Amaze.”

The circus event, which the Ringmaster kicked off with a VIP party upstairs at the Verizon’s Acela Club, brought back many audience favorites, like Clown Alley, the death defying Wheel of Steel and exotic tamed and trained animal performers.  It also built up excitement for some new acts, including basketball stuntmen, a comedic act, and a human cannonball.

Event planner Andre Wells with his wife and son

NBC4’s Angie Goff, husband Robert and daughter Adora, Fox5’s Holly Morris, Reuters’ Tim Ryan and CityPapers’  Stephen Ball were among those who joined in on the fun, noshing on foot long hotdogs and posing for pictures with some of the night’s 110+ performers before having a circus built before their very eyes.

“Built to Amaze” is at the Verizon Center for a limited engagement, only through the weekend, ending March 23rd.

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