Revisit DC Anew with Milton Shinberg’s “re-Cog’-ni’-zing / dc”

Rediscover Washington in watercolor with Milton Shinberg’s unique vantage points and unexpected perspectives.  The painter and architect invites audiences to join in on his ode to DC — his hometown — at “re-Cog’-ni’-zing / dc” , an exhibit on view at The Art League gallery from December 5, 2018—January 6, 2019.

From the gilded dome of Georgetown’s iconic corner bank building to the half-moon colonnade of the Jefferson memorial, Shinberg’s limber brushstroke and clear, glassy palette contrast the familiar with his uncharted perspective.

He approaches everyday sights from unusual angles and lingers on details that captive both those who see this city everyday and those who are just passing through for a visit.

Like the artist, we “never tire of what makes Washington wonderful.”  “re-Cog’-ni’-zing / dc”  is free and open to the public.

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