Responses from Miss America

I’ve been overwelmed with the responses I have received since returning from the Miss America pageant two weeks ago. Thank you to all who expressed support and encouragement, and especially to those who flew al the way out to Vegas to be in the audience cheering me on. I could not have done it without you – I really couldn’t.
I continue to receive heartwarming messages from fans and supporters via my website and wanted to share one with you that was particularly close to my heart as I hope to continue working to advocate Literacy Partnerships in the second half of my term as Miss District of Columbia. Here are the words of Destiny…
” My name is Destiny and I am 13 years old. Me and my sister are really big fans of yours!! You are amazing!! We love your platform!! It is really important what you are doing to help people!! My sister is going to school to become an elementary school teacher so she loves your platform. She thinks you are great!! We were really hoping that you would win Miss America!! We were praying for you!! I am in the 7th grade at Sacred Heart of Mary School. I went to public school until 5th grade and then I went to Catholic school when I started 6th grade. It was really hard for me because Catholic school was so much harder than public school. But I had really nice teachers that worked with me!! It really helped me a lot and now I am doing really good in school. I have 90’s and above in all of my subjects and I am in the National Acheivement Academy. That is why I really like your platform because when people take the time to help others, they can do really good!! You are doing an amazing job helping people!! You are really beautiful… inside and out!! You are an inspiration to me and my sister!! Thank you so much!! You are amazing!!”
My hope was to be the best role-model possible, so this makes me smile. Thanks to all who help me to keep smiling!