Ready to Rumble?! What to Expect Before You Jump Into the Ring

When Rumble Boxing opened in mid-April, we were pumped to try it out.  But if you’re like us, you may be a little apprehensive about jumping right into the ring, so we’re here to share some insider information so you can have a TKO in Round 1.

Rumble isn’t exactly boxing — more boxing inspired fitness. But don’t worry, you’ll look like a boxer in all of your insta-photos.  First timers usually get a free glove rental, but you’ll need to purchase wraps. You’ll have to return the gloves ($3 rental next time), but keep the wraps!  They’ll be $8 if you need to buy them again.

Each 45 minute class contains ten rounds, each 3 minutes (because you can do anything for three minutes, right?!) You’ll start out either at the punching bag, or at a bench for strength and toning exercises, and will switch a couple of times throughout the class. This split between sets on the floor and sets with the punching bag provides breaks from each, which is nice, but also serves a purpose for the studio.  This allows them to fill the class on both sides, doubling the number of class attendees, which can either add to the party atmosphere, or add to the confusion, depending on your view.  For our class, only one side of the class was full, which means everyone was doing the same exercises at the same time.  Whew!

Beginners are welcome, and in the dark studio, no one will judge you.  In the first five minutes, an instructor will teach you the six punches you’ll need to know: jabs, crosses, hooks, uppercuts and the like. Rumble’s water-filled bags (which are way better for your knuckles than sand) are on one side, and on the other side of the room, you’ll use weights and brass knuckles.  Exercises are a combo of HIIT cardio, endurance and strength, and you’ll finish with a cool down stretch.

Expect a playlist that pumps you up: “Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!” is almost guaranteed to play at least once during your workout — in addition to a Rocky theme song, of course.

You will sweat.  You will be sore.  And if you’re intense, your knuckles may bruise.  Those gloves can’t shield you from everything… and Toughguy/Toughgirl, you wouldn’t want them to.

Because afterward, you’ll feel so awesome tumbling out of the studio and shuffling to those pristine lockers. They not only include storage spaces, but also showers and multiple stations for after-Rumble refreshing (even including amenities from Drybar!). Maybe you’ll treat yourself to a session in either of the two personal infrared sauna stalls in each of the Men’s and Women’s locker rooms.  (They can be reserved for $25.)

Priced similar to most boutique fitness classes at $34 (+gloves) per pop, it’s pricey. But worth it if it gets you moving and motivated. And who couldn’t use a punching bag to make some progress in their mind and body sometimes??! We’re in and we’re ready to Rumble!

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