RAMMY’s 32nd Year Goes Posh and … Public?!

“It’s our 32nd year, which is unbelievable… I don’t know if many of you were around that long — I was not!”  laughed Kathy Hollinger (above), President of the Restaurant Association Metropolitan IMG_8994Washington  Monday night at The Powerhouse in Georgetown, speaking at a gathering to kickoff an extended season for the RAMMY’s, the organization’s industry awards.

“Many of you know that it has evolved tremendously… It’s also one of the biggest fundraisers for the RAMW, and it is through this legendary awards gala that we are able to support what we IMG_8993do at RAMW every single day; the marketing that we do for the industry and the advocacy that we do to represent our members across the region.”

The collected crowd braved plummeting temperatures to greet colleagues, check out the range of vendors involved in 2014’s recognition ceremony, and be the first to hear the year’s event theme… which is nonexistent.

“Just Black Tie,” said one event spokesperson.  “Though it’ll be interesting to see how many industryIMG_8995 folks we can get to wear a tuxedo!”  Creative interpretations accepted.

Rumor has it that with the new Convention Center venue and additional space, this may be the first year the general public is also able to purchase tickets to attend the award dinner.  Confirmation on that… and more details to come!

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