If you’ve ever seen a Cirque du Soleil performance, you know it’s not your typical juggling, clowns and trapeze circus… but a show of human agility, strength and bravery.  It’s also usually a “circus” with a story.  Well, kind of.

Quidam, one of Cirque’s original repertoire, returns to DC – this time creating a “big top” at the Verizon Center for eight performances only – to tell the scattered story of little Zoe, who longs for the fun and excitement she feels is just beyond her reach.

In ten acts, including aerial contortion, skipping rope, hand balancing, diabolos and banquine (you just have to see it) Zoe dives into an eerie reverie and a universal spectacle.

Still not sure of the story?  Well, when you’re mesmerized,  those details are just distracting.

Here, the performers practice the ten acts of the show, while some secrets from the tour are shared.

Video embed: http://youtu.be/EJHGhzhzlcU

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