Healthy Hour is Here! Pure Sweat + Float Studio Now Open in Georgetown

Pure Sweat + Float Studio

DC’s new Pure Sweat + Float Studio is now open! This is a calming wellness studio that provides infrared saunas and float therapy private cabins.

Located in Georgetown in the space that once housed the Country Squire Valet on Prospect Street, this new “corner store for wellness” is a welcome addition to the neighborhood, attracting students, professionals, and families to relax into its proactive approach to a healthy lifestyle.

Designed in every aspect to be soothing, Pure Sweat + Float Studio believes that detoxing and de-stressing are vital for wellness. Visitors can make appointments for sauna time and floating, or drop in to access an array of curated products that complement these services across immune health, mental health, pain relief,  skin heath, and more.

Float therapy instruction at Pure Swest + Float Studio

Owner Liz Baker says, “without hesitation, I can say that float therapy has been the most popular [at our new DC studio]. Float has been fully booked since we opened. We do have five saunas, but… the community members have been really eager to see what float therapy is all about.”

Her tip: Come with an open mind and don’t overthink it. While there is much more to it from a wellness perspective, float therapy is, for the guest, “just as simple as stepping into a warm bath and laying down and maybe taking a nap,” says Baker.

Meanwhile, for athletes, those with autoimmune disease systems, or those looking for calorie burn, combatting inflammation, and stress or anxiety relief, both sauna and float help with reducing and managing those systems.

And while you can do all of this during some much-needed me time, Pure Sweat + Float Studio is unique in that each cabin is spacious enough to allow for two people, so you can sweat by yourself or with someone else that you know.

Baker recommends starting with a package of three — though single visits are available, as well as Founding Memberships, which are available at a reduced rate for those who know they want to make this a part of their holistic wellness routine.

Our prediction: With everyone looking for healthier ways to connect with friends and the sober lifestyle coming more into fashion, DCers may turn to activities like sauna sessions as double-benefit catch-up time. Why meet up for Happy Hour when you can Pure Sweat together for Healthy Hour?