Polaris Project needs… your vote!

It’s a tough economic time – especially for the charities.

The Polaris Project wrote in to ask me, not for $$, but for my vote – which I was happy to give! It was a simple click. Maybe you could click to combat DC trafficking, too?

The Polaris Project is in 2nd place to win additional funds for the Washington, DC Trafficking Intervention Program. By making it to 1st place the organization will win $5,000 to put toward critical services for victims of human trafficking, including food, clothing, shelter, mental health services, legal services, and job skills training. Click here to cast your vote and put the Polaris Project in 1st place!

Or, even if Polaris isn’t your top pick to win these funds, visit the Washington Women’s Foundation website to choose which charity you feel deserves much needed funding and assistance. Your click makes a difference!

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