PLAY, a New Low-Cost Carrier is Coming to BWI

DC-area travelers, a new low-cost air carrier is coming to BWI.

PLAY, an airline headquartered in Iceland recently announced service in the United States, with the first flights to 22 destinations in Europe taking off from Baltimore in Spring 2022.

To celebrate its inaugural flights from the U.S., travelers can expect to find some amazing flight deals to destinations including London, Paris, Berlin, Copenhagen, Dublin, Brussels, Stavanger, Trondheim, Gothenburg, and more. And if you’re wanting to make plans for travel now, but know that circumstances can change… PLAY currently operates a COVID-19 Flexibility Policy that allows for booking changes and cancellations as needed.

Here’s how this airline saves you money: PLAY offers a streamlined, no-frills service without amenities like magazines, Wi-Fi, and entertainment. Travel on PLAY does include a personal item, but a carry-on, checked bag, or other upgrades such as an in-flight meal or seat with extra legroom will cost extra.

This pay-for-what-you-need model keeps fares affordable if you’re more focused on the destination (and not so much about how you get there). That said, PLAY’s on-time arrival rate is over 96% so far for its European service — which frequent flyers know deserves some credit.

Flight service from Baltimore/Washington International Airport (BWI) will begin on April 20, 2022. Travelers can visit to start planning and booking trips.