Plant-Based Food Party! Hip City Veg Dupont Opens

Marquis, in green, helps cut the ribbon on her 2nd DC area Hip City Veg location

Hip City Veg founder Nicole Marquis welcomed Washingtonians to her latest location in Dupont Circle on Wednesday (7/24/19) afternoon. Showing off DC’s 2nd location (the first is in Chinatown and another is planned for Navy yard later this year) of her Philadelphia-based fast casual brand, Marquis enticed locals to the grand opening with the promise of a “free lunch” for the first 100 people in line — and free sweet potatoes all day.

Wellness enthusiast Nadia Cherelle is among the first to order plant-based food at Dupont’ Hip City Veg

Lines wrapped down the block and around the corner with hundreds of people queuing up to try Hip City Veg’s plant-based menu.  This location, which will actually be Hip City Veg’s headquarters for its catering operation, also boasts an all-new Banana Whipped Toppings Bar and a Golden Nuggets deal menu.

“I am actually trying to go more plant-based. I’ve been doing the vegetable sandwiches, but I wanted to come out and see what plant-based meat tastes like,” said Robin Davis, one of the first in line to try Hip City Veg Dupont. “For a free sample, I thought I could give it a try.”

Hip City Veg Dupont’s all-new Banana Whipped Toppings Bar

Marquis further tempted new customers by offering pedicabs for those returning to Dupont Circle offices to to the nearby park to enjoy their Hip City Veg food as a picnic.

Passionate about bringing plant-based food to people everywhere “for our health and also for the environment and to see what positive impact we can make,” she explained to K Street Magazine why the mission is a personal one for her:

“It transformed my Father’s health,” she said.  “He was in his 50s, overweight, and had just been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, so I made him a green smoothie, the same one we sell today — our BFG — with organic spinach and organic fruit.  He ate it and was like ‘Oh, it tastes good!’ And that’s the key to unlocking the door to plant-based eating… just making it taste good and familiar. Within two months of adopting a plant-based diet, he eliminated four mediations, lost 25 pounds, and put his Type 2 diabetes into remission for some time.”

Those curious about Hip City Veg’s offerings can head to the new location for giveaways and samples throughout opening weekend.

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