Photography is for Everyone at DC FotoWeek’s Summer Kick-Off Party

The real hit of FotoWeek DC’s summer kick-off party last night at the Corcoran Gallery of Art wasn’t the open bar or digital display of award-winning international photography, but rather the old-school photo booth tucked in the corner of the gallery. Guests could pop into the curtained cubicle and exit with a printed copy of their photo, and see it streamed live on a giant screen overhead.
While harking back to days of yore, the booth in fact highlights FotoWeek’s “bigger, better and more innovative” approach than in years past to bringing photography to the masses, according to Executive Director Theo Adamstein (above with Ayris Scales and Latrina Owens).
“Photography is for everyone,” said Maha Alkhateeb, Managing Director.  In keeping with this vision, and bolstered by its strengthened partnership with Corcoran, the organization has launched its new FotoPage initiative—an online community in which amateur and professional photographers alike can post their work to be reviewed by Corcoran and FotoWeek curators throughout the year.
This year’s FotoWeek will take place throughout the city November 6-13; stay tuned for a launch party, and according to Ms. Alkhateeb, another possible summer kick-off event.
*Jordana Merran contributed this post.

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