Philanthropy Day Honors Event Puts Spotlight on Charitable Work


Andrew Watt, FInstF, president and CEO of Association of Fundraising Professionals; Lela Diaz, vice president with Bob Carter Companies, which sponsors the youth awards; Princeton Carter, the honoree, and Bob Carter, chair of Association of Fundraising Professionals.

“We celebrate so many things in our world. Excellence in sports, in acting, in singing and entertainment, in business. But today is the day we celebrate an idea, an impulse, a force that has perhaps a greater impact on our world than all of those things combined. Something that has altered the history of our world in so many ways and affected every human being on the planet. Today, National Philanthropy Day, we celebrate philanthropy,” said Allison Seymour, morning news anchor for Fox 5 DC, as she emceed an early afternoon ceremony celebrating National Philanthropy Day at the Omni Shoreham earlier this month.

As part of the celebration of National Philanthropy Day on Nov. 15, the Association of Fundraising Professionals recognized outstanding philanthropists at the National Philanthropy Day Honors – A Celebration of People and ImpactOrganizations and individuals whose efforts have significantly impacted their communities and the world were honored.

Youth team from Miles of Scarves, with Lela Diaz, partner, Bob Carter Companies (second from left); and Bob Carter, president and CEO, Bob Carter Companies (end right); and Meredith Polk, founder, Miles of Scarves (third from left).

“We aren’t here to recognize the best, because there is no best in philanthropy,” continued Seymour.  “But we are here to honor people and the amazing impact they have created. We are here to honor some of the most inspiring, most dedicated and most generous people and the difference they have made. We honor them because we recognize in them some of the ‘best’ aspects of humanity, and because we hope others will see their work, and follow in their footsteps.”

Awards and honorees included:

  •  Outstanding Philanthropist: Maureen Hackett, Houston, Texas
  • Outstanding Volunteer Fundraiser: R. Doug Ziegler, West Bend, Wis.
  • Outstanding Corporation: ATCO Group, Calgary, Alberta
  • Outstanding Foundation: A. Gary Anderson Foundation, Anaheim, Calif.
  • Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy, Group: Miles of Scarves, Henrico, Va. **LOCAL WINNER** 
  • Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy, Individual: Princeton Carter, New Orleans, La.
  • First-ever Champions of Philanthropy Awards (given to government officials): Member of Parliament Geoff Regan (Canada), Sen. Terry Mercer (Canada), Sen. John Thune ((R-S.D.), Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR)

*Images courtesy Association of Fundraising Professionals


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