[Party Pix] Color Wars!

Target Acquired. Weapons HOT.

Sunday’s Color Wars was part Birthday Bash/ mostly Beer Games, to celebrate Courtney Stecker, athleticism, and liver tolerance…Now in its fourth year, the actively alcoholic Sunday Funday is the brainchild of Stecker’s fiancé, Judy Mayka.

Teams compete for the championship in a series of field day drinking games, from relay races to flip cup to tug of war (with a strong helping of hops ALL along the way) looking like a box of exploded Crayola’s.

Stecker’s “Safety Green” team took the Championship again this year (legitimately) with its strong showing in a variety of relay activities.  The Red team followed closely behind, scoring serious points with a Tug-O-War victory.

*No neighbors, deer, or park land were harmed by this happening.

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