[Party Pix] 7th Annual Dodge Mansion Halloween Party

Guests of Bill Dean, Sherif Abdalla and David Chung‘s annual fright-and-frisky-fest at Dean’s P Street house party were invited to dress as “anything from the ancient past or the distant future.”  Hundreds complied, donning disguises of infamous historical heros and the sure-to-be-famous of the future.

In attendance were neighbors, Ward 2 Councilman Jack Evans and his wife Michelle, Paradise Springs’ Kirk Wiles, BBC’s Suzy Kianpour, Georgetown University’s Matt Kroenig, Premiere Matchmaker Christine Nightingale, C4’s Nick ChampeauDeejay Neekola and fashion designer Aidah Fontenot reliving their own “ancient past” memories as videos from previous years’ parties played on screens around the property.

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