Pamela’s Punch Team Fundraiser

(Pictures – Pamela and a Grooming Lounge Guest. I am posing with Dina Davalle and Roby Penn.)
Each year the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society holds a competition for Man & Woman of the Year. My good friend, Pamela Sorensen is vying for the title among many worthy competitors, and I have joined her team – Pamela’s Punch – to support her efforts to raise money for this important cause.

Last night she held her first official kick-off fundraiser at the Grooming Lounge where the men enjoyed facials, mini-manicures, and other pamperings, and the women sipped cocktails and noshed on selections from the menu at BLT Steakhouse.

No definitive word yet on the figures, but I’m sure Team Pamela’s Punch is well on our way to making Pamela Sorensen Woman of the Year for 2007 and helping to fund research and medical techniques to combat Leukemia and Lymphoma!

*On a personal and more sober note, I want to dedicate my involvement on the team to my Grandfather, Ike Tarver, who succumbed to Leukemia and related complications in 2004.